Tema International School

TEMA Private Primary & Middle School describes educational conception as “raising virtuous and happy individuals” and started its journey claiming to make the education just as fun process as a game for students. We get our greatest strength from our students and valuable parents who attache great importance to raising happy and virtuous individuals which is the basic purpose of education and learning. We place students at the very center of our vision, mission and strategies thus we seriously questioning our planning, innovation and applications on all types of education, learning and management in the context of what these concepts will contribute to our students’ happiness and success.

In other words, we build all our planning and implementations on learning, success and happiness of our students. Our educational philosophy towards continuous improvement and progress aims to reinforce good, nice and right behavior in our students who grow as happy and virtuous individuals; student self-recognition, the students to realize their strengths and weaknesses and discover their unique nature. Therefore, our basic educational conception is towards education to be the gratifying process and being happy is a necessity for learning. The essence of education at TEMA is to transfer the learned information into practice. Learning by doing and experiencing, implementation and participation are the key values for all our stakeholders.