Akapedya Kindergarten in Çukurambar & Öveçler


At Akapedya Kindergarten ÇUKURAMBAR & ÖVEÇLER branches the aim of the program is to educate world citizens who know their language and culture very well, inquire, think, communicate and think alternately. Through the communicative approach we use, our children develop their cognitive, social and psychomotor development, become self-confident by learning in appropriate learning environments, doing and living. Our classes are limited to  maximum of 15 students and there are two teachers in each class. While all the groups have hourly English lessons per day, one of our 4-5 year old group has full-day English education which is held between 08.00-18.30. Chess, Swimming, Gymnastics, Dance, Music-Orff and Visual Arts are among our branch activities.

Reggio Emilia approach, which has been adopted in many developed countries,  is used in our early childhood classes. The approach develops nature awareness, supports creativity, helps students to gain aesthetic point of view.  For this purpose, a training system, based on 9 different workshops with appropriate tools for training and activities, is implemented.


 Our school covers the area of 1500 m2 and a natural garden of 350 m2 and a 180 m2 sports hall which we use for our sportive events. All areas of our school are structured in accordance with our education system. Both in Çukurambar & Ovecler there are 9 different workplaces. ( each 40 m2) Our bright and spacious workplaces are equipped with rich educational equipment suitable for their function. The workplaces are as follows: 

  • Concept and Language Development
  • Design and Art Gallery
  • Science-Nature
  • Social Life
  • Kitchen
  • Light-Shadow Atelier
  • Foreign Language
  • Music
  • Drama 
  • Swimming Pool



Both Çukurambar & Ovecler branches have infirmary, independent sleeping rooms for each group and a cafeteria.

In Çukurambar heating of the school is provided by the heating system on the ground. Ventilation is available in all enclosed areas.

All kinds of safety precautions have been taken in the school buildings.  Our schools are monitored 24 hours by total 40 cameras in all internal and external usage areas and historical records are kept for a certain period of time.